Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mr. President!! Barack Obama

Let me just begin this post by saying......I am EXCITED that Barack Obama is our newly elected president(#44). On Nov. 4th 2008 I got off work at 0740 and made a straight shot to my election site. I was suprised that I only waited about 30 minutes to cast my vote. This is my first year to vote. I have never been much into politics but I would have to say after 8 years of George W. Bush, I was really fired up this year to vote. I am registered as Republican but I am most proud to say that I voted for Barack Obama this year. When the count was down to just John McCain and Barack Obama I made sure I listened to every debate and every interview with each candidate that I could. I also watched the debates between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. I went into this election year with an open mind. There has been alot of people saying that John McCain had an unfair disadvantage in this election just simply because he was Republican and people would not vote for him for thast reason alone. This is proably true to some degree but every election has it's "why's and what for's". I honestly believe Barack Obama was elected because he was the right choice. I believe he had the better plan and I believe he has "The right stuff" to be a most excellent President.All that said, there is another reason I am excited about this historic election. I feel that by electing Obama that "some walls have came down". This is a GIANT leap for our country. I think equality has demanded our attention and it has been given. What an awesome step forward for our country!! I watched Jesse Jackson as the tears rolled down his face during Obama's acceptance speech. I was quite moved by this and even shed a tear myself. We are all children of God no matter what our skin color. If you believe in God than you know God created us all equally and is very disappointed by how we as human beings have been divided by color for so long. I was watching all of the elction coverage after Barack Obama was announced as our 44th President. The cameras scanned the audience and I seen hundreds of, white, yellow and red, all uniting for one common reason........"HOPE". I had to think at that moment that God was sitting up in heaven thinking that he was proud of his people, finally uniting for a common purpose dispite colors!!I have a renwed sense of hope for our country. We have wasted too much time being petty. We are in some rough times right now and I am proud to say.."It seems as though our country is finally uniting to achieve a common goal". There is many tough issues that are facing our new president. I pray that everyone, whether you voted for him or not, will join forces and pray for our new president. Pray that he is given the strength and courage he needs to lead our country in the right direction. Pray that he is able to bring our military safely home and that somehow, someway there is peace between the nations. Pray that he is able to bring us out of the recession and everyone is able to have plenty of food to eat and a roof over their heads. Pray that anyone who needs a job, is able to get one. But most of all pray that with this historic election it is a sign of peace and love between people right her in The United States of America. I am so excited to see what the future brings. I believe this is a huge step in the right direction not only politically but for humanity.

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Charles Pratt, Jr. said...

OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA! Yeahhhhh! I voted for Obama too. I think he's the man for the job. I agreed with everything you said except for any mention of Jesse Jackson.

That dude is wrong. Don't like him, never have and never will. I think he's more concerned with furthering his own myth and acting for the cameras than he is about anything else.